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After first listen to hip-hop artist Johnny Quest, labeling him "just a rapper" seems...offensive. He is an allegory, a rebellious figure delicately wrapped inside of a youthful hip young adult. While his look and style make him marketable and appealing to this generation''''s rap fans, it is his inner radical that could re-ignite the social change and movement that was once led by the hip hop nation. Using both his street and book smarts, the young rhymer is intent on reestablishing the reputation of inner city Black youth. To do so, Quest turned to rap, fusing east coast hip hop storytelling skills and a smooth west coast cadence to speak to his listeners. It is more than just his rhymes, however, that make him unique; it is what he symbolizes. As a 22 year-old hip Black male in pursuit of further education to supplement that street sense, he stands as an equalizer to several issues and stereotypes of the young black man in America. Young, Black, and educated, Johnny Quest is everything that Tupac Shakur, a hip hop legend and rebel in his own right, defined (in a positive way): the most dangerous man around. This “danger” that Johnny Quest possesses is a spiritual and philosophical balance, evident in his lyrics and songs. Capitalizing on his energetic delivery, Quest also takes the time to highlight the hills and valleys of his own journey, a trait that older hip hop heads appreciate. Quest’s journey started as a young boy in Trenton, NJ before being discovering rap in his grandmother’s basement in Washington, DC. That initial experience led to him developing his lyrical craft at 12 with his childhood friends, now known as “The Rat Packt”. After graduating from Gettysburg College, Quest has shifted his attention to establishing himself as a superstar solo act. His first opportunity lies in the release of his debut project, Rebelz in the Hood (available now online). The EP serves as a new soundtrack for the modern day inner city youth, highlighting the various personalities of these areas while integrating themes from the classic John Singleton film Boyz n the Hood. With guest features from fresh young stars like Michelle-Lee and Chill$im, Rebelz touches on issues such as economic disparity and police brutality in the urban community, but also emphasizes the inhabitants maintaining aspirations of bettering themselves and their environment. Following the intial success of Rebelz, Johnny Quest looks to continue to build and feed his audience with more creative music and projects. A solid foundation already laid, we can look for his budding rap career to elevate for years to come.

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