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Known to many by his street name “Jay-Fifth” Juan Grae (from Providence, Rhode Island) was raised in the rougher side of town (South Side’s LockWood Plaza) in which he was caught up in the normal neighborhood feuds that continues to claim the life of our youth around the world everyday. At the tender age of 12, Juan Grae was sneaking out of his bedroom window to run the streets with the OG’s while his mom was at work. There he would be introduced to things like: drug dealing, prostitution, violent crimes, etc. at a much earlier age than most people do. Being exposed to such things at an early age caused him to enter the drug game with hopes to make enough money to one day get his mom out of the hood. By age 17, the street life would eventually catch up with him when after over 9 months on the run from Juvenile Probation, Juan was apprehended and had to serve 6 months in the Rhode Island Training School. After a week inside, Juan would be faced with the news of the death of one of his closest friends and the conviction of the murder being placed on his other partner (FREE Smoke), Juan didn’t know how to take the news. When released from Training school, Juan dived right back into the world that took the life of his friend with the same intentions before but with the hopes now to do it smarter and not get caught. Only a couple years later Juan was injured in a drive by shooting in his own neighborhood and right after would be convicted as an adult for drug possession. With a hand full of years of probation on his back Juan would have to make a choice that some wouldn’t have made. Bouncing back from the loss of 2 good friends (1 to prison & the other to the grave) Juan decided to take his hobby as a rapper more serious. Using the microphone as a source to provide street knowledge to the youth and anyone else who listens, Juan continuously brings both sides of the game to his music. Unlike most artist who direct their rhymes solely on: flashy cars jewelry, bitches, etc. Juan speaks on the turmoil''''s of the game as well. Co-Founding ‘Tha Loud Pack’ in 2010 helped Juan develop his style by working with various different talent types, from then till now. Since his lively performances with Tha Loud Pack, Grae has moved toward building his personal brand with more solo performances, songs and videos. Since graduating college at Johnson & Wales University, Grae has been able to work more on his music and is currently scheduled to drop his solo debut mixtape ‘Fifty Shades of GRAE’. #FiftyShadesOfGrae will drop worldwide in September 2014.

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