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"I never wanted fame and fortune. I simply wanted to be the reason you smile. So I vent in my music... Not to man, Not for money, & Never for me... I DO IT FOR YOU" This is Juss Russ " An independent artist born in Pittsburgh, PA. " Juss Russ has been passionate about music since the age of 9 upon the emergence of up and coming artist from the early 90's like Usher Raymond , Ginuwine , and music groups like City High. His goal is to show the world a new image of a unique artist by establishing a creative mix of RnB and Hip Hop followed by a strong sex appeal. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a Major in Business Adminstration and a Minor in Business Management seeking to incoporate his knowledge into future industrial opportunities. Those who know him love him for his humble persona , edgy attire , creative imagination , and his drive to succeed. Around The Web

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