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First off, I like to think of myself as an unique Artist and my music represents that, songs that has structure and meaning. I go by the name JV Gee. I first started writing when I was 11 it was sort of like a diary and how I felt inside but only rhyming, I would have lines every where till i start putting them all together to create a verse and find some structure. now that i am older and living in one of the worst cities as far as violence i want to make music that helps our society get better and feel better i don;t want to contribute to the nonsense their are already alot of rappers talking bout killing balling street life etc i been through it all and more real than most these niggas talking at Gangsta shit. i just hope the world can see that im cut from the same cloth but can be a leader and not a follower my music represents that so different and so real. my music come from the heart every song. my music is not just noise to a beat it has a meaning i am basically taking on tracks not rapping. I now own my own studio, Im a beginner engineer self taught, I went to school and got a degree in management in marketing. I feel very assure that this is what I want to do heck Im pretty good at it to be my own worst critic. I wont stop making music; even if I wanted to I probably could not . it is not about the money but the music, and when the fans are feeling your shit and relating to your music it is the best feeling in the world. I just love music period. hope you all enjoy

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