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Born December 8, 1987 in Chantilly, VA, Kelvin S. Bailey Harris, a.k.a. Kay-B/Kay Bizzle is a 24 year old music enthusiastic. In the city of Chantilly where he resides he is called by his peers a young protégé and is fast making a name for himself in the city’s music community. With the explosion of urban music such as Hip-Hop Down South R&B and Southern Crunk producers over the last 25 years have totally reshaped the music of the past through synthesized and sampled music, Kay wants to make his mark, and one day will be known as a producer whos worked with many artist. To be this focused about something with such a passion like his is what makes Kay truly an eccentric and motivated young man. “I just love making beats, simple as that. I do and plan to take my music to the next level in the VERY near future.” That passion for music combined with his hard work ethic for doin what he loves is what separates Kay Bizzle from the rest. Kay's biggest hits which have helped him gain an increasing level of popularity includes Cam Newton and They Know from N.O. of ChillCity.

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