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Born of the coast of Texas in a city called Galveston on a cold winter weekend. A new light was given and a destiny was chosen. Growing up through school I was always musically incline . I was part of concert bands always first chair in every instrument I tried no matter the clef . After a while I develop a fondness for rap from listening to bone thugs , Tupac , 8-bal and MJG, and 3 -6 mafia and UGK. Then one day when I was 14 a OG from my hood sat me in his Cadillac and told me to spit some bars . I did my best but I guess he was not impressed. He told me something that changed the way I looked at music. He told me that " Hey lil homie , I hear ya but you aint talking about nothing" . After that I was kind of embarrassed about it so I was about to leave . Then he pulled out a notebook and grabbed three papers out . Told me to hold 2 so he can read and played this instrumental he had been writing to . Now at this time I had never wrote to anything in my life I was still rapping over pastor troy beats lol. So after about 4 minutes of hearing his words and how the painted a picture I knew then what I wanted people to hear from me . I could easily rhyme and use word to sound good to no real meaning . On the other hand I could make music with some substance that actually make sense . Sometimes its hard to decide which is best business or pleasure , I try to get a good mix of both .

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