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Background: Music, dance, piano, clarinet, drums. Introduced to music at a young age by his aunt, Kayo Dala started writing at the age of 12 and realizing his talent it soon became his passion. He decided to sharpen his lyrical ability by battling emcees in different boroughs around New York City. In 2000 Kayo met Clyde Hazel and his son CJ of Back2Back Productions. Upon listening to his lyrical technique they took interest and helped him develop his song writing skills and began to critique his presence in the sound booth. That very same year Kayo worked on his first project, a compilation album entitled Streetz Vol. I, an underground hit in the streets of New York produced by Back2Back. In 2002 he met Starr who would later become his manager and friend. Under the management of Starr this led to his first performance where he received a warm response. Thereafter he formed his own group Last of a Dying Breed with a wide range of creative talent. They included R&B, rap, and spoken word artists that Kayo worked to sharpen their talents as well. With this team in place and the leadership of their manager Starr, Last of a Dying Breed was on its way to sure success. Tragically Starr committed suicide just as Breed was taking off. Then for a brief period of time Kayo was mentored by the late legendary Jam Master Jay just before his passing these losses had a profound effect on him. With Starr and his mentor Jam Master Jay both dead, this was too much for Kayo. His fire and drive to make music was put out but with the encouragement of family, friends, and his troop Breed he started to write and eventually perform again with new found drive and determination. Since then he has worked with various producers such as Ty Fyfe, Reemo, and Superstar Jay. With 20 years of writing, 25 interviews in various media genres (dvd, magazines, and radio shows) and over 200 performances under his belt, Kayo Da’a is a force to be reckoned with and one to watch
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