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Kelesio Trannell Howard, Sr. who performs as KELESIO (a name given to him by his grandmother Marylin Jarvis) was born in South East San Diego, California, on April 18, 1981. After earning a full football scholarship to Colorado State University in 1999 and establishing a strong branding firm that services Indie Artists within Las Vegas, est. 2006. He then began to put together some music to lyrics about the real life situations endured in his transition from average to great. Kelesio rapped under the name K.L.E., releasing a series of increasingly popular mixtapes/albums such as The Old Testament Volume 1 & 2, Kelesio The Mixxtape 2011 and Shaggamon and da Rude Boyz. Between the years of 2012 to 2013, Kelesio decided to debut his album “KELESIO THE ALBUM” and to no longer use the acronyms K.L.E. (Kyll’n-liv’n-eat’n) a name given to him by his cousin Daryle Howard Jr. Now known as Kelesio Creative or better yet KELESIO his birth name has giving him a peculiar business sales pitch second to none. You can find resent music by KELESIO on iTunes and Amazon. Look for titles like #KELESIOTHEALBUM and #BEATKILLER THE MIX TAPE .

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