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What’s up world? It’s ya boy Knuckles. I love to rap. I write different music at different times. Some rhymes I write with feelings because what is behind the song is important to my life. Sometimes I write music because the rhymes are hot. Sometimes when I freestyle I use excessive cursing and I may talk about crazy stuff. To me this is all rap. All aspects of rap are important to me. Some things I say in my songs are true to life and some are just rap. Yes, I have felonies. Yes, I did time. Yes, if you harm my family I will shoot you, but I would rather give you a line that brings hope for the future. I was raised in L-town. I am a man who can stand on his own two feet. I am a lot of things and I write from the heart. You don’t like my music? Fine, keep moving. You’re a fan? Let me know about it. I said it once I will say it again. I love to rap. Committed some crimes, did some time, spit some rhymes. Follow me on twitter @KnucklesRap

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