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Known for his energetic sets, Curtis James Perkins AKA Kurtanz has a knack for galvanizing crowds coast to coast. This emerging independent recording artist, whose stage name was given to him as a result of a studio session where he overwhelmed members of his entourage with a deadly verse. Yelling, Kurtanz ! his homeboy K.O. set the stage for what his namesake would be. Born in East Bay, a section of Hayward in California he has resided throughout the Bay and Valley, currently in Hawaii. Citing influences the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against the Machine, Toni Tony Tone, and E 40 his passion for music and knowledge of multiple genres is quite eclectic and exemplified in his output. "At any given time you can catch The Living Legends in my headphones" His discography is hard to match, consisting of 8 solo projects as well as 5 alongside his fellow Kreative Soulz teammates all of which he has engineered and mastered. A Jack of all trades in the truest sense. Kurtanz is very hands on in every phase of his brand which makes him a joy to work with. A father, friend, and hell of an MC his notes that life and his maturation are the biggest inspiration for his forthcoming full length. Recently wrapping up The Texas Takeover 3 Tour alongside Bone Thugs & Harmony, B -Real of Cypress Hill, Scarface, Bun B, Slim Thug E! Grant feat DJ Sid Wilson of Slipknot his buzz is at an all-time high. Check out some of Kurtanz recent music, as well as stay updated on what's to come via So I took a 16-month internship with Essential-nightlife @ Moulton studios learning the ins & outs of sounds. How a simple sound/beat can control an entire crowd. From turning them up to turning them on! I love it! So long story short I''''''''''''''''m dedicated! Turned a Hobie to a career and we have just begun.
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