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24 year old L.A. Maven is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent and prolific unsigned artists on the west coast. Only two short years ago, this rap phenom and producer extraordinaire picked up an akai XR20 drum machine and started creating exciting innovative instrumentals with no previous background in music. He caught the ears of the internet and started producing some recognized up and comers in the music world. Maven's popularity flared as music listeners jumped on board with the movement. L.A.'s style is hard to compare to others because of the diversity of music he creates. His demeanor is layed back, but his rhymes and beats are as monsterous as they come. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the music world as a recording artist/producer/song writer. With no apex in sight, there's no telling how far this young Hispanic southern California rapper will go from here.
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Cali's Finest Shoot
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