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My Name is LeResha Cole I’m 28 years old . I’m From Memphis Tennessee I been grinding for ten years in the game know I’m unsigned and also an Independent Artist as well. My stage name is Lele Bousoski Aka Big Hunna. My Hottest Singles Out Right Now Are Big Hunna , The Biggest , Pvalley , Woot Da Woot And BNF. I come from a city where it’s hard growing up and you got to always got to wake up prepared for whatever and you got to have heart when you come to my city and it’s also big me little you syndrome here is bad no one wants the see the next person up or see them doing better than them it’s actually hard being an artist because the love you expect to come from your own city is horrible it take other cities that love you more than your hometown. My message to any artists never give up no matter who doesn’t support you keep grinding keep dropping in the studio to you make a hit and be humble your time is near. Message to the Industry I’m coming for you I’m what they lacking in the game .

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