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I am a Female artist My real name is Monica Petty stage name Looney Gohard I was born October 15th 1984 I I was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana I always had a passion for music since a kid At the age of 15 I started coming up with music and finding myself in my music I had a hard child hood as a child which made me turn to my music to block things out I started noticing how music makes me feel and can relate with me then by the age of 21 I started sharing my music and recording it and noticed how I speak Thru my music one of my songs called menace is a about my younger days which tells a story I love music so much I write all kind I write all my music my self I came out 2020 with My singles #Feeling it in the club and # Tonight to show the world how versatile I am then came out with my Album #Gohard 1015 I am on all platforms and under UnitedMasters platform I have a passion for music and will peruse my dreams to become famous so then kept being determined and started to perform with Coast2coast on may 11 2020 then I turned around and released a single called #SHE BAD IN August of 2021 I feel like it’s not enough music out in the world so I continue on with my Journey with my music My name explains everything about me when it comes to my music which was given to me from my wife Looney Gohard meaning I looney (crazy) about music & Gohard meaning( I Gohard when it comes to my music as I was younger in my 20s I looked up to Lil Boosie & Lil Wayne I always have
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