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LieuTenant P., born Latora Pettit has always had an ear for good music. Since she was a little girl she would always sing and entertain her mother while dancing around the house. In 2001 she was given the opportunity to feature on a song by a local rap group called Hog Tight. From that day forward she had a passion and ambition to create her own style, eventually perfecting the craft and adopting the moniker LieuTenant for her ability to lead amongst leaders, and take direction when needed. Different from her female counterparts though, LT has a style that stands toe to toe, if not exceeds her male competition. No raunchy big butt and stripper antics as a gimmick, this female rapper speaks for the streets. As an adult she has taken her passion to another level. Teaming up with good friend and label mate, Selo The Don, they went on to release hit single " Go To Work". In 2012 she released her first mixtape via datpiff called "Blue Light Special" with a follow up called "Against All Odds" in 2014. These projects gained attention locally, but she has yet to be heard on a national scale. With four projects in the making as of now, she continues to grind and push forward, to one day be recognized as one of the best female lyricist alive.

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