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Lil Choonii is a Local Rapper and CEO at Fuhh Lyfe Records LLC, an independent record label based in Sanford Florida. He was born in Lower Eastside Manhattan New York City, NY. He and his family moved to Florida around the age of 8 after his step father passed away during the tragic events of 9/11/01 World Trade Center terrorist attack. He attended midway elementary school of performing arts and was casted in numerous plays, band shows, and other performances at the school. He began rapping after a horrific car accident at the age of 9 in which the vehicle was completely totaled. He then began to express his built up frustrations with hip hop lyrics and had taken on the name “Mic Mike”. Lil Choonii dropped 2 mix tapes under the name of “Mic Mike”. The first was “The world is mine” in the year 2012, and the other “Off Papers” in the year 2015. Since then he has officially changed his name to “Lil Choonii”, Established his own record label “Fuhh Lyfe Records LLC” and is now making his way back in the music scene with the release of his “Don’t LeaK” Freestyle. He is a registered BMI artist, and The Freestyle acts as an intro to his upcoming EP entitled “Klass G” said to be released in summer of 2018.
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“Don’t LeaK” - Freestyle (Intro) - Lil Choonii

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