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Logic was born in Gary, Indiana on February 18,1992. Logic's real name is Bryan Shackerford. Logic never really had a settled home town but between Gary, Chicago, and Las Vegas; Las Vegas was where Logic was molded. When Logic became 6 years old, he moved to San Diego, California and 3 years later Las Vegas, Nevada. "Logic use to go downstairs by the radio put on his little beats and put the tape recorder right next to it and say his raps. When he was about 12. Him and his cousin came up with this ONE song and it was bad for him to talk the way he was but I have to say, the song was a hit throughout his school! I knew then, that he has the potential for a Music Career." Says Logic's Grandmother. "When i was young my pops had his own record label with my fam, Jiggz was apart of it and a few more of my people. Sneaky Blush, I remember listening to the cd everyday trying to imitate my pops, Jiggz, and my cousins boyfriend David. That's when i realized that i REALLY want to do music. Jiggz, use to take me to the studio when i was living in Chicago with my auntie. Also, my dead homeboy Slick out in Vegas would take me to official studios and actually recorded my first official studio quality track. My pops use to nag about how i should write down a list of goals: weekly goals, monthly ones, yearly ones, and one for my whole life. I never really seen a point in that but when i decided to, I wrote down: Finish school successfully; Get the sexiest girl in school ; get a record deal; score 10 points for 5 games straight; Get to the fame life at any means necessary, was my biggest one ; even little things like get a real watch or get my girl flowers. One day, i actually failed at one of my goals and gave up on goal making and start going with the wind. Then I started going the wrong route and started running the streets. I guess you cansay i dropped out in 8th grade and started going through a bunch of struggles and I almost hit ROCK BOTTOM! In between that time, I was adopted by some random white lady and her family. I met LaVonda, my foster mom, through one of my home girls but LaVonda grew to become a real mom to me. I went through a lot with the law and my real parents, so i would write a lot to get the pressure off my mind hoping i would get famous to escape the bulls**t. Finally, i started rehearsing my own rhymes as i would write them in school instead of doing my work. Any class that would hear me would like my music but I had a bigger goal in the back of my head. Finally, i got another chance at life and moved to Texas with my grandmother and that's when I realized "Failure is not an option anymore, success is the only way." " “As big as rap is, I really wanna go down as A LEGEND not just some washed up rapper that was good.” Logic states, “I can sit in first class on a plane RIGHT NOW and a dude next to me in a business suit wont even wonder who I am. I wanna be Barack Obama big! And not just for music; I want everybody to know me! So when I’m dead and gone, people can watch my whole life on the internet. I’m thinking about movies, companies, having a building with Logical Thinking Entertainment on it. That’s why I haven't given up on school; I’m smart but I need more knowledge to get there. It’s not impossible." Keep up with Logic on Twitter: @ LogicStackz And Subscribe to Youtube:

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