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Jose Manuel Monteiro, AKA Lumenate, is a 21 year-old Hip-Hop artist hailing from Tampa, FL and born in Boston, Massachusetts. A clash of multiple styles in the Hip-Hop era. Seeking to make an impact on the World with his music. I was in love with Hip-Hop since the day I finally figured out what it was all about. From the age of 6 I was interested in writing. I would write biographies of important and renowned people in composition books. After a while, I got into poetry and the art of writing as a craft. It didn't take long for me to realize that literature was something that I wanted to indulge myself in as an adult. As I got older, I began to use my poetry as lyrics and I would write for rock bands of all sorts, and as time passed, I began to find myself more and more drawn to the call of music, more specifically, Hip-Hop. "There's nothing more influential than rap music." - Kendrick Lamar?. I knew that I wanted to be important, not to others, but to myself, and I also wanted to make an impact on the World, the way so many of the great people I wrote about did. Right now, I'm working on my next project "Resonate" which will be dropping in 2016. I plan to leave a long-lasting impression on my audience and fans.

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