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Music- Macc MF French, also known as "Frenchie",was born on February 14th. His music is a mix of rap, hiphop, house and pop. His influences in music are Mac Dre, Ice cube, 2Pac, E40 and Dr Dre. Macc MF French has done shows with the likes of Digital UnderGround, and ZigZag of NB ryders. Macc was also in a band called 3Vs or 3 verse, which included rappers, vocalists and a live band. At the time, music was just a hobby to Macc MF French untill July of 2013, at which time, he decided that this was no longer a hobby but a career. His name, Macc MF French is really a mixture of HIS LEGAL name and lastname. Macc MF French is currently working on touring around the world for the first time with his new hit single and completing his first ever LP titled, "SEX" FAMILY HISTORY- Macc was Born and raised in the 80s on 11th ave and Buckeye aka the "DUB", right next to Bush's Barbershop, where WSC boothill Crips, Pimps and Gangsters filled the community. Macc MF French was raised by numerous family members such as; his grandmother, aunt, uncles, and even a man whom was not his father (Dj Cooke). DJ Cooke took him to Compton to live until his brother Leandre, aka lee lee was shot multiple times and killed. Macc was then forced to come back to Arizona due to the fact that his biological father AKA Raw Raw wanted him back in Arizona. When Macc returned, his biological father came to see him a total of three times before he ended up going to jail where he passed away due to liver failure. Macc MF French decided to pursue music as a way to make himslef smile to stay out of trouble. He says that the music that he makes puts a smile on his face as well as others so, what better way than music to express it. Struggling as a youth and watching family members struggle as well, selling and using CRACK, was the norm in the house on Buckeye. This was motivation enough to inspire Macc MF French to want to change his blood line so future generations won't encounter the same obstacles or experiences. Macc MF French bounced back and forth as a youth from his aunts house to his grandmother's. To some of close friends like chris beaver and J.R.E studio 3620. His grandmother, would come home and kick him out in the middle of the night at the age of 7 after returning in a drunken state from the Elks. This was the norm for "FRENCHIE" until an aunt told him to come live with her. So, young Frenchie took her up on her offer and moved out of his grandmonthers. After living with his aunt for more than 10 years, she told him that when he turned 18, he would have to go. His past experiences have helped shape and mold what now has become his lyrics. His debut album called "sex" will be released soon, featuring the hit single "I'm Freaky Baby" and "Gentlemen's Club" Contact information

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