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Real name: Taurence Tarell Dotson  Birthdate: November 28, 1986  Birthplace: Miami, Flordia United States of America  Label: Dynasty Records  Nicknames: Mafioso, Young Mafioso, Mafi, Young Mafi, Papa, Papa Mafioso Taurence Tarell Dotson better known as Mafioso, is a upcoming rapper out of Miami, Florida currently residing in Macon, Georgia. He is a between Plies and Wayne and has been focused on his lyrical content since an early age. Growing up on the streets of Miami, he experienced life changimg events at the age of fiftteen he was incarcerated and spend five years in jail; at the age of twenty when he was released he vowed to never return to jail and to focus his attention on music; this was the beginning of Dynasty Records

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