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Born and raised in the streets of Norfolk, Va, the young and talented Cam'Ron Wellons (Max CarDi) grew up into a flourishing hip-hop culture. With the likes of Pharell, Missy Elliott, Timberland, The Clipse & others all coming from the 757, music was very influential in his upbringing. Although sports was always CarDi's main focus, he was known for "free-styling" in middle school classrooms & high school lunch tables but never considered pursuing a serious career in music. Once he reached his junior year in high school one of his childhood friends encouraged him to begin writing songs and allowed him to record a song with him. After that, "CarDi" found a new love for music. Upon entering college Max still continued to pursue a career with sports and became a athlete attending Norfolk State Univ running track and playing football. He also continued doing more and more music with his long time friend. Unfortunately or should I say, fortunately, Cam's dreams of becoming a star athlete were short lived when he was removed from college. Once that happen he turned to music and never turned back!

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