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Born in Gainesville Fl but now based in Los Angeles, Maya Manel was making her voice known for anyone who would listen since her first solo performance at age 7. With a unique, powerhouse of a voice, her sultry and soulful sound carries passion in every note unheard elsewhere on any given day. Resonating and inspired by vocal legends like Amy Winehouse and Etta James, you can expect her modern dance music to make you move while giving you the nostalgia of that classic, raspy jazz voice everyone can crave. Maya realized her calling to making her own music through karaoke bars and contests, as well as open mics where she was discovered and convinced to make the move to Los Angeles in 2017 where she could learn from the best and most undiscovered talent in the world. Collaborating with other up and coming musicians in LA, she was inspired to make dance music by her love of the connection it created on the dance floor. Our most primal, biological desires to feel alive are awakened when we all share the bond and universal language of music and the power it has to replenish each of our souls is uncontested. It is her desire to not only inspire our strongest and most natural feelings from love to heartbreak, but for her music to conjure a sense of belonging with her for even just those few moments; for you to feel connected no matter how disconnected the world may feel or what battles we face - music can change everything. Although she is an emerging artist, the world is sure to know her soon enough.
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