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Merse’ Dela Sinqo (Mercy) aka Mer5e was born overseas and raised all over the country starting from the east coast, then moving down south, that is where Merse’ found himself alone and abandoned at a young age with nowhere to turn and alone, this is when he turned to hip hop. Listening and growing up to Hip Hop in a time where classic Hip Hop was making a name for itself, he found his passion and what he loved. He later moved on to Cali where he has been blessed to watch his struggles turn around. From making beats, to writing his own songs, to shooting videos, there’s an unmatched drive and motivation to truly be the best entertainer possible. He is known throughout the states as a lyrical martyr and with beats unmatched he is constantly striving to do his best to be sincere about the music he produces as well as all other aspects in life. He is currently working on the release for “Auf Wiedersehen,” an upcoming, original CD; He is also looking for new talent to work with on music collaborations as well as other business ventures “As an artist I try to take something that has no essence and create that essence, is that not my job as an artist? No matter what field I am in R&B, country, Hip-Hop, etc., I will produce astounding results every time.” ~Mer5e~™

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