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Born Nicole MaryAnn Nigoghossian in Cambridge, MA. Nicole started singing at the very young age of nine. Nicole's first recording was a song called "First Love" Which was very popular in the 90's around the Cambridge area. At the age of Twelve, Nicole was awarded a scholarship for voice lessons under the Henry and Agatha scholarship. (Funded by Managers of Branford Marsalis and Henry Connick Jr) At the New School of Music, In Cambridge, MA Nicole was vocally jazz trained by Berklee Professors and Performers. Such as Carolyn Ritt, Henrietta Robinson, and Sherma Andrews. Nicole was engaged in the Berklee Reverence Gospel Choir, Dennis Montgomery was her professor, and led the Gospel Choir. Nicole was then asked by an Organization called "Save our Youth" Then located in Downtown Boston, MA to practice and perform at President Clinton's 1997 Inauguration. At the Mall of America in Washington DC. In 2006, Nicole did a few songs/skits on Fat pimp's debut album on Wallys Ave. (Under the name Niki Nik Stylez) Nicole performed the song "Mr. Fat Pimp" at a few Boston Venues such as, Great Scott in Brighton, Club Choices in Somerville, And Venue in Boston. During Nicole's spare time, she started to get in the promotion, more than the performance aspect, and started promoting shows, for local artists around Boston. However, end of 2016. Nicole evolved to now writing, composing, and recording her own music. With the help of Bob Brazee. (Mr. 808) (Brazee's Beat Room) Niki Nik Stylez evolved into "M.Stylez” and is very excited for her new endeavor's in the music scene. Make sure you look out for Nicole Aka M.Stylez Its now her time to shine. Her first track was dedicated to her Boston roots "Bean Girl Vibe" "The WORST thing in life is "Wasted Talent" If you got it, USE IT"

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