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Matthew Jacob Sarhan (born August 23, 1989) better known by his stage name as Murda M4TT, is a Suburban Rapper who was born and raised in the outskirts of Detroit. As a youth Matt had dreams if being a professional soccer player. That however stopped upon getting kicked out the high schools he atteneded. At the age of 16 He recieved his first criminal encounter with the law, and september of 2007 at such a young age was thrown in jail for possessing Marijuana. With very little outside contact and being couped up in a 10 man cell he started jotting down punch lines. Upon his release however he dropped the pad and pen and continued to act out. less than 6 months later he caught another possession charge and a MIP and was thrown back in jail. with more time to think than the last he picked up the pad and jotted down more raps. Discharged again, he started to write out verses every day and before long he had a notebook full of bars. less than a month later he formed a Record Label called "TheFamilyRecords" Which to this day is the name of the label he solely represents. Co founded by his cousin Jonathan Gappy, They seeked the talent that they needed to keep the label a float and acuired everyone who is in THEFAMILYRECORDS currently. In 2009 - 2010 Murda M4TT put together 3 mix tapes, and did a large vareity of shows. He has opened for talents like Lil flip in May of 2010 and King Gordy in April of 2010. Matt has faced many hardships, including Close friends and family deaths as well as bad health in his family. This is solely Motivation to him as he reflects how he feels on every track that he writes. At this current time Murda M4TT is working on his Highly anticipated album Titled "The TakeOver". The album has some of Detroit and Michigan alikes HOTTEST ARTISTS ON IT. "The Take Over" is dropping in August of this year. Sometime around his birthday which is sure to be a Banger of a Release Party! "2011 is going to be a BIG year for THEFAMILYRECORDS, You can bet that" "We finally have the roster, Money, and CONNECTIONS needed to take over, and that is what we intend to do" with such a promising path a head Murda M4TT's Witty punch lines, Northern swag, and vast lyrical capability, nothing is impossible for this rising super star!
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