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MzRealla is originally from Denver Colorado. She was raised in Georgia from age 12 into her adult years where she learned the true meaning of southern hospitality. Her Father is her biggest motivation and support. He woke her up every saturday morning to the greatest musicians (Prince,MJ,James Brown, Al Green, Aretha, Janet, The Time,and thats just to name a few) of all time). MzReallas sound is very different from your average young female MC do to her Fathers knowledge behind the struggle. Her thought is this, " Back in the 90's early 2000 Hip Hop rap was very different more so about the African American struggle and Evolution. Now days people so called rappers arent caring about the message theyre delivering. Change is a part of life therefore lets bring more knowlege and Power, New Positivty and Restoration. Im tryna spread the wealth. I am my brothers keeper". Music is her outlet, she can bring people together and rock the mic! Good Energy, Good Vibes! Freedom of speech, verbal creative expression....
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