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She loves to take inspiration from life in all that she does whether she’s writing, singing, rapping, painting, cooking, or designing. Creativity fuels her life!! That’s why she’s a renaissance woman!! Her love for other forms of expression can be seen on her skin as each of her tats has a meaning to her. When she was younger, she learned a lot about the Native American culture from her Mother & it has stuck w/ her ever since. Nokomis is a Native American word w/ several meanings including Daughter of the Moon & Grandmother. It fits her because her Grandmother has always been her muse & inspiration plus she loves the moon!!!! Noko will always be rockin’ some of her own handmade Native inspired jewelry & her unique style. With a hope to someday have her own empire that would be a fusion of music, sports, & fashion; she can’t wait to be in a position to be able to help others & give back. She is a strong believer in Karma & likes to keep an open mind. Life has taught her that things happen for a reason.
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