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P. LawTon prefers not to be viewed as just a rapper. He boldly states: "I'm a writer who happens to rap, produce, engineer, etc.". He discovered his talent at 7 years old and his mother helped him hone his skills by having him write poems and short stories. At 8 he moved from his hometown, St. Louis, to the suburbs of Houston. Football was at the center of that world and rap was just a hobby until returning to St. Louis, 5 yrs later, and attending a college prep school with no football team. This was the 2nd culture shock in his life and now, instead of practice, the streets occupied his after school time. At first people labeled his vocabulary, as east coast. After gaining a loyal following from open mics, street ciphers, and attending 5 high schools, shady offers from labels, managers, and producers, left a bad taste in his mouth for the industry. Under the tutelage of his entertainment lawyer, he started learning the business. When, a gunshot wound, requiring reconstructive surgery immobilized him for 6 months, he spent his recovery in the studio since he couldn’t run the streets. He was recruited by singer/songwriter/producer, Fedarro, as Director of Sales for, FreQBeatz Prod.; earned a Regional Vice President position at MajorSmart Enterprise Mgmt; and was promoted to partner at FLO Magazine. The success of his street single, “I Can Get It”, and a collab with Fedarro, called "Pretty Brown Girl", quickly won the him thousands of new fans. As an emcee Pac-Man combines the raw realism of Ice Cube, the confidence of T.I., and the lyricism of Jay-Z, with an unquestionably Midwest style. He raps about whatever is affecting his community or going on in his life and sociopolitical issues, and vows to keep his music personal. Acquiring his degree in Recording, Engineering & Producing program at Vatterott Extreme Institute, broadened his skill set and made him more of an asset. In his own words: “I’m gon’ bust my ass and use all of my experience to promote my brand regardless of who’s backing me. In April 2015 he graduated & launched began offering consulting to industry professionals. Now his goal is to gain more clients for production, engineering, licensing, songwriting, consulting, promoting, booking, mixtape placements; and release a series of his own singles & mixtapes until popular demand warrants an album.
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