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Whats Up Republic, "PARTYHUSTLE" is a Colorado Based HipHop/Electronic Band Put on This Earth To Make Good Music So Come Check Out Our Tunes..If You Follow Us ON Twitter WE Will Do The Same @partyhustle In 2010 DJ ISA FLASH teamed up with SMILES B and they formed PARTYHUSTLE on the motto that Everyone Likes To Have Fun & Everyone Likes To Make Money (Party All Night Hustle All Day).They both were making music on their own, but kept passing it to each other then one day they were like lets team up, now they are Party Hustle......... In Dec 2013 after almost 3 years with PartyHustle Dj Isa Flash Left the band........& Jan of 2014 PartyHustle signed with ReckShawp Music Ent. then dropped them in 2015. Also in 2015 Dj isa Flash reunited with PartHustle Smiles B: The first time Smiles B heard Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” he knew he wanted to be a MC. He was raised on a lot of old school hip hop and r&b, also music by the Rat Pack and other artists from that era. But he fell in love with hip hop when he heard “Mama said knock you out” by LL Cool J. He is definitely inspired by Big L, Biggie Smalls, the Dead Kennedy's, Taking Back Sunday, Juelz Santana, Tabli Kweli, Blink 182, and AZ. They are here to make real Tunes, not shitty MUSIC JUST MAKING MUSIC & CHANGING THE WORLD.... So Tell A Friend
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