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David "Pezylvania" Lopez was born in Reading PA. Born August 13th 1986. AKA "Pez", David was always aware of a talent and an ear for music. David grew up recording mixtapes off of Phillys Power & rehearsing his favorite raps and dance routines. Inspirations are Method man and Redman, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lloyd Banks, Peedie Crack, & Fabolous to name a few. At the age of 13 David changed his street name from "D-Roc" and remaking songs like Roc Da Mic with his own words went onto street/stage name "Young Pez" or "Y.P3Z?", referring to the question "Damn ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''why Pez'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' gotta get on the track?". With this persona, also came a whole new level of confidence and creativity. In 2010 after many years of practicing his new art form, now by this time outgrowing the young In"young pez" after realizing the maturity level in his music " Pez" teamed up with local group "Tha Akademi". This brought a new aspect to Pezs'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' aspiration to follow his dream of making real music. Forced to prove himself, Pez suprised many including Producer and Songwriter "Obvious". DEMO track " Go ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Head Girl " & "Where the Paper At!?" Were recorded following other collaborations with other artist on the label. Open opporitunities for performing for major artists like Freeway and having the opporitunity to be on stage and chill afterwards with Cassidy is considered an Honor, Being Cassidy is another huge inspiration. "You nice with that tongue twistin shit Pez". In 2014 & 2015 Pezylvania is continuing his pursuit of his dream. *Real Disrespectul Gentleman*

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