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Electrifying like a death defining feat of a stunt man, True Rym be defined by yo playa da blind man, with the gift to gab and the hollow points that hit its all about da game so u know I gots to spit it Born and raised in the jungles of the Twomps, where hustlers be getting they hustle on 24/7 dusk to dawn. Comes one of the games hottest MCs ,DJs Pharoah YT aka DJ PHAROAH YT Whether it be Writing, Producing, Beat making or performing live on stage in front of his fans. Pharoah YT (I DID DAT) is in it to win it. Well, I guess than you could say that I resurrected like all the other Pharaohs before me. Of course, that is with one exception. I WAS BORN BLIND. It was not until 25 or so surgeries later and about 5 birthdays, that I was blessed with the opportunity of some vision.

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