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Earl Williams aka Phunk Dawg, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, started DJing at the age of 13 and then later started recording his own records at the late, under-rated, Tommy Jefferson’s recording studio. His aunt, the Late Honorable Pearl George, introduced him to Johnny August who aided him in his dreams. He was directed to James Bennett in Mississippi by Mr. August and was then able to take his music to the next level. He traveled between Jackson, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee during 1989-1993, working with numerous artists and started his voyage through the music industry. During those experiences, he realized his love for music. He has apprenticed under a lot of producers, blues, and R&B artists such as, the Late Willie Mitchell (Al Green’s producer), William Brown, (engineer for the Bar-Kay’s, Luther Vandross, Prince, and many others that are part of the Memphis Sound), Lee Parker (blues and southern soul promoter), Bobby Rush, Frank-O, Ricky White, J. T. Watkins and many more… He wanted to be closer to family so he later moved back home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, even though he knew that it wasn’t the place for him at that time to expand his career. He knew that Baton Rouge had hidden talent and wanted to help them get their careers started, however, he had a lot of non-believers and doubters. While there, he worked with rap record label 4 Down Entertainment. He also aided a few local hits like, “Where U From Fool (Dat Rouge)” by M.C. Nero Baby and landed a few placements with Bee-Low (Ballin’ Music Group), and also produced a few southern soul songs for Stephanie Mac Dee. Although he was a music producer at heart, he also worked for WBMG Fox 44 TV, a Fox sister station out of Baton Rouge. While working there, he co-hosted the kid’s television show, Fox Rox Saturday with Audra Funkhouse and won 3 ADDY Awards for scoring (music creation for the show). As a full-time producer, Phunk Dawg knew that his music was worth more than he was being paid. He stated, “Baton Rouge doesn’t have a big Hip-Hop scene and the producers are the last on the totem pole. We get little money for the tracks we produce. I can’t live off of $300.00 a track when I put in hard work and long hours to make it a hit!” Phunk Dawg (1999). “Shreveport really didn’t have a big local scene either, but they where eager to listen to one another to make something pop off,” stated Phunk Dawg, so in 2000, Phunk Dawg moved to Shreveport, Louisiana. It only took six months for him to hook up with Lava House Records and Anthony Mandigo to start making noise in the Shreveport area. In 2004, Mandigo wanted to dust off an old song that he felt could be a hit. He (Mandigo) wanted Phunk Dawg to put the right feature on it by suggesting Lil Boosie. Phunk Dawg felt that if he could get one of Baton Rouge’s finest on one of his tracks it would make his Baton Rouge hometown feel him. After thinking briefly about it, Phunk Dawg said “cool” and hooked it up. Later, The Ratchet (featuring Lil Boosie) came out and it was a hit. The Rachet was the 1st song that aired on the radio for Lava House and Lil Boosie. Still, feeling no love from his hometown of Baton Rouge, who did not want to believe that Phunk Dawg produced that track, he had greater ambition to prove himself. Three years later, he teamed up with 3 Feet, DJ Bay Bay, and Jabba Jaws and produced the hit singles “A Bay Bay” and “The Hand Clap” by Polo Ground/J-Records, rapper and National Recording Artist Hurricane Chris, selling over 3.5 million and 500,000 ringtones and digital downloads, respectively. He was then welcomed by his hometown of Baton Rouge.
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