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AG DA P (A.k.A AG PIZzzle) . 110% REAL and Consistent . NEVER have regrets, ONLY Learned lessons define what happens after the feeling of Failure. DON'T give up till the mission is completed. AG IS THE CEO OF HIS INDEPENDENT LABEL "ALL HELL ALMIGHTY" AG DA P has big hopes to sign to a major label or a label that has the same concept and mindset of striving to be the best among the rest. Making sure everyday is spent on progression and success . With these strengths and practices it allows little room for set backs. Importance of currency is a key factor, Smart investments to maintain growth in financial reasons like personal use and savings, as well as making decisions to improve the label or company. Charity for youth is very Important and is a MUST! AG PiZzle is 22 years old born December 20th in the city of roses known as Portland, Oregon. AG is a all around hip-hop/rap writing artist, recording artist, performer and engineer . At the age of 13, he picked up a microphone for his first attempt to do damage on an instrumental found off Youtube . Using Audcity (a free DAW) to record him self and understanding how to mix and master his own music . With dedication, time, and the trait of not being someone who gives up, he has worked his way up the ladder to perform with high energy and confidence. AG was born a gifted MC and has a legacy that will last forever
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