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Poet Picasso is a East Orange, New Jersey representative who first came on the the scene with a group known as NFL. The group later revamped and became M.M.P "Moving Music Platoon" The group spawned a lot of gritty talent, but it was Picasso's laid back word play that made him standout. Soon after Picasso hooked up with an up and coming producer (Big Screw) and the duo set out to stamp the WPD Recordz imprint.. The duo dropped Poet's 1st mixtape "Hood Musick". With no original production the cd grasp the ear of quite a few fans..The Flu mixtape was the follow up to Hood Musick. This time Poet Picasso came back with a few of Jersey's finest and with a more aggressive flow he demanded your ears. With hit's like Kick in da door 2k11, Jersey Born, and On top of The Flu mixtape, Picasso showed his lyrical growth.. After appearing in numerous open mic nights,Poet Picasso released "Jersey Breed" one of his hardest mixtape yet, which featured "Can't stop won't stop", "Always gettin money", "Rap life" which stamped Poet Picasso as Jersey next MC to be on the look out for. Although major's aren't knocking at his door yet, Poet is set to release his first official album "Garden Grown". The straight to Itunes release will include hits like "Wargames", "I hold the crown", and "She got that". While he's puting the finishing touches on "Garden Grown" Poet Picasso is still releasing mixtapes to build his fan base. In Da Pursuit Of Paper was dropped the beginning of the year and it showcased a more detail Poet Picasso with his sight on the bigger picture.. Poet Picasso ability to carve his name in hip hopand make the music he wants,while consciously taking the time to develop his brand, classifies him as one of our slept on underground MC's.
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