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Peter John Pappas is a 28 year old singer/songwriter, performer and model, born just outside the city of Chicago, originally from Park Ridge, IL. Peter's extensive background in the performing arts gave him the ability to sharpen his craft in singing, dancing, and acting. Peter is a recent graduate from the marketing department at Columbia College in Chicago. Fast forward and the year is 2018! Peter has been hard at work and just released his first E.P. titled JUNGLE LIFE. He has morphed himself into a soon-to-be superstar, and calls himself...POPIZ....based off his last name Pappas, and his primary genre, POP. He has recently collaborated with Chicago artist, Remi H, and created two new pop singles- "Move On" and "Suitcase". "I can't stop writing and recording and have so many pop creations I would love to share with the world! With over ten original songs under his belt, Peter POPIZ, is ready for his big break!
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Break My SouL
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Suitcase (ft. Remi H)

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