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Jesstarian D. Allen aka Poppa Hussein was born July 13, 1993 to Jessie and Lavonne Allen in the small town of Homer, La. Poppa Hussein endured the struggles of your normal everyday kid from the hood, except he saw murder, deceit, betrayal, Love, envy, and hate all on the same block. His way to get away from the trials and tribulations of his peers was through music. Growing up in Louisiana made him humble and loyal, loyalty is his biggest asset as he says "A Loyal brother Is A Honorable brother". Hussein grew up in the same area of North Louisiana where Dream Chaser's Lil Snupe, "May he R.I.P", was discovered by Meek Millz at Grambling State University, Poppa was actually at the Meek Millz show that same night. You could argue he and Snupe had some of the same struggles as young kids trying to make it from a place where people never support you because they think the dream is impossible. They do not have the same flows, but if you ever hear Poppa Freestyle, you'll catch some similarities. Hussein's first show was given to him by the hometown DJ "C-Dubb" who needed an extra artist and looked to the young Protégé for help. Poppa was the highlight of the show and has been the highlight of his city ever since, dropping hit singles like "Straight Like Dat" and "Turn-up". His latest single "Stripper Pole" or "Down That Pole" was produced by California producer Timothy Achas aka CuddyOnDaBeat who's produced for many major artists including rising star "Ty Dolla $". So don't get this kid mixed up in the Louisiana Jigga Train style, The New York Gangsta Rap, or even the Pop sound in music because he has many different flavors to bring to the table. Poppa Hussein, who also goes as Pop1 in the industry, can not be classified as a rapper or singer because he does both excitingly well, This is not the next "Drake", its the new Pop1. You can expect to hear more from this amazing artist soon because he has a mix tape that will be released this spring. #StayTuned
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