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GIOPriest ,is a producer who is chopping his way into unique sounds & drum patterns of HIP HOP & Soul hip hop. He’s been producing for almost seven years now. An active writer & poet, GIOPriest is a humble spirit who is surfacing now into the mainstream bringing attention to his productions. Sounds which are often new to the ear are becoming more and more appealing to new and upcoming artists. Starting off with his instrumental promo on Youtube and Soundcloud, GIOPriest is beginning with a new project introducing to the world a new but authentic sound into HIP HOP. Simply said, GIOPriest is a talented gifted freelance producer looking for a studio company to call his home! He loves to see the smile on an artist face when they create magic out of his productions. GIOPriest is a fan of gospel hip hop, soul hip hop and other different styles of music. He promotes those who create positive hip hop & who also have a positive look & vibe towards life. If you want to catch GIOPriest, you will always find him in the studio.

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