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Pauleon Da Don “In the midst of the calm, he is the storm... but more so, among his peers, he is looked upon as an underground icon...” - K. Thompson, 7/2014 Adversity sometimes gives rise to greatness. The day-in, day-out struggle of scratching an existence out of the hood can instill in one an aspiration to conquer the highest peaks. America's most poverty-stricken slums and crime-ridden inner cities have birthed some of the greatest visionary talent the music industry has ever seen. Those who struggle to make it out seldom succeed, but the ones with the will to do so possess a certain spark that drives them to unimaginable heights. Pauleon is one such artist destined for greatness. Growing up in downtown New Orleans, the young rapper and lyricist was exposed to the rhythms of the street at a young age. Even at that early stage, the small-statured and soft-spoken “kid prodigy” was working with one of the most well-known underground production teams in the Deep South. These dangerous streets have birthed their own distinct culture of arts and music which whispers its secrets to those with the ears to listen. Pauleon has heard this Muse, unleashing his vision with a craft that has earned him the nickname: the “Architect.” Pauleon has since become one of the most widely talked-about and highly-regarded upcoming hip-hop artists in New Orleans. True to his name, "The Architect" weaves his own story into his melodic rhythms and lyrical narratives, bringing the tribulations of the streets to life. He has been featured in Lil Wayne's underground project The Drought 2 for Cash Money Records, worked on production for Lloyd of Murda Inc, and more. With his beats and a microphone, the former kid prodigy – now lyricist, rapper, and producer – has blazed a burning trail through the underground hip-hop scene. Standard Exclusive iNterview With Pauleon By Premise What’s going on Pauleon, really quick introduce yourself to our readers. Hello, My name is Paul Mathews, BKA music producer Pauleon. How long have you been making music? I started making beats in 2001, I was 14. Talk about some of the artists you’ve worked with and your favorite. Over the years I’ve been blessed to work with Lil Wayne, Young Money artist, R&B singer Lloyd, Lil Scrappy, CTE’s BOO ROSSINI etc. My favorite is Cash Money’s artist Lil Wayne and I say that because dude is like a machine. His work ethic is impeccable. What songs have been your biggest achievements to date? Lil Wayne’s “DA DROUGHT 2” because even though I was young and new to the music game, The experience of working with a major artist was just the push I needed in order to get where I am today. What else is on deck? What are you working on now? I’ve just been staying in the lab, perfecting my crafts and submitting tracks when a door of opportunity opens for me, like the iStandard Producers movement. Shouts out to the homies J.Hatch and Premise. What do you want your musical legacy to be? I would like it to read as follows: “Pauleon: Multi Platinum ten-time Grammy Award Winning Producer has worked with some of the best artist in the industry. Though he has many achievements, he continues to thank God and remain a humble and giving person that never gave up on his dreams of success.” Before we leave give us your shout outs and leave us with your Twitter handle. iStandard Producers, J Hatch, Premise, Lil Wayne, My Family and Friends. Twitter: @ProducerPauleon [ Serious inquiries Only ] Contact -
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