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Born Quincy Booth, QB aka(Mr Casualty) hails from the infamous South Side of Youngstown, Ohio. He began rapping in junior high school just as a hobby with friends. He rapped about the ills of what he saw in his neighborhood, drugs, gangs, murder & crooked cops. At the age of 21, after much turmoil, jail, and the loss of close friends and relatives from murder, He turned a different path and joined the Navy. Traveling the world, he found a taste of culture and even perform in other countries. Now in Atsugi, Japan. he is on the hunt! , Reppin "The .400 CLUB" (D.Gate$ and ChiNative), he is sure to stake his claim and find the right deal. Be on the lookout for QB aka Mr Casualty!
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QB .400 Club Stuntin wit the M3
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QB I'm just living my Dreams
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Mr Worldwide QB

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