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Quexian (kwesCH(?)n) alternative rap artist, elevated his passion for poetry by using music as another outlet for his eccentric ideas. He embodies the true element of connecting melodies with words to form heavy-hitting tracks such as “Don’t Know When.” Born in 1996 in Cleveland, OH, Maurcus Smith was raised in several cities throughout the U.S. often isolated from his peers. It was as a teen that he learned photo and video editing which allowed him to further cultivate what would become his brand. Keeping his newfound talents a secret, he was able to develop compositions in the comfort of his own home studio. Driven by the lack of lyricism in the mainstream hip hop game today, he seeks to push the bar higher for millennial rappers. His inspirations are rooted in old-school hip hop and his diverse taste in genres. He combines what is rational with his ability to perceive through more than one lens and puts it in the music. Smith encourages us to question everything, (hence Quexian) making his fans #TheAnswerz Smith is mostly influenced by artists such as Nicki Minaj, serving multiple flows and clever wordplay and he is often compared to Drake due his style and tone of voice. He is creating a lane of his own with his mood-setting songs that vary from slow and romantic to pensive and gloom, to a fierce, upbeat, rebellious sound. It is about more than just a hook for him. It is his ability to serve music that rings true to as many in different walks of life as possible that sets him apart from his counterparts. His first official mixtape release “I Still Win” (2019) is only a taste of his versatility, lyricism and flow. He promises a catalogue that is refreshing, unique, and a great addition to Hip Hop and other genres. His next project is expected to arrive in late 2019, early 2020.

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