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RapMagic Deleon, The Lyricist and Vocalist at RapMagic. In 2019. I release my 9th Mixtape Series For KNUCKLE FUNK RECORDS. RapMagic- I Came Up From These Trenches 2019. I am very grateful to we are on 45 OFFICIAL MIXTAPE SERIES. and Download our musical journey for free. RapMagic music has become a Worldwide name. BIG SWIFT AT RAP ALOT RECORDS. Daddy j fez. DJ HARD HITTA AT SONY RED. KNUCKLE FUNK RECORDS. We are THE MOVEMENT OF TRUTH. I wanted to prove to you that in my last name? THERE ARE NO LOSERS. We believe in the power of GOD. The power of his will and THE WILL TO SUCEED. Alexander reece De Leon. RAPMAGIC. and to all my fans at The interactive events we rock the mic at? MUCH LOVE! Catch me on SoundClik, Soundcloud, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, Facebook and all Social Media Platforms. Thank you so much for listening friends. RapMagic Deleon 2019

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