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REGINA HICKS From the tender age of three, Regina filled her home with dynamic vocals while her family and friends encouraged her to be a bright star for the entire world to witness. Born and raised as the daughter of R&B Crooner Dodd E. Hicks, Gina was groomed from a very early age to master her abilities as a vocalist/songwriter. The motivated songstress developed a deeper love for music as she attended Musical Magnet programs to further her capabilities. Regina quickly excelled and was recognized by her music instructor for her stage presence and aptitude to dominate any crowd. At the age of fourteen, the talented star moved from Long Island, NY to Atlanta, GA and collaborated with Tony Mercedes, and the now defunct corporation, LaFace Records. Regina was set to release her first album at the age of sixteen; unfortunately, when LaFace Records dissolved, Regina's album was shelved. The solo artist was forced to conclude major decisions in her life as to continue her musical journey, or attend a University and further her education. Regina chose to optimize her career by obtaining her Law Degree in Constitutional Human Rights Law at Emory State. Although Gina explored other options, she never lost her passion to create music. In 2007, American Idol accepted an audition and allowed the sultry singer to compete for the title of the next big star. Regina never gave up. Musical Arts always simmered under the surface of her life, just waiting and prepared to be expressed worldwide. Presently, Gina is ready to begin her journey to stardom once again and showcase her powerful, "show-stopping" vocals. A natural talent including a five-octave vocal range that can be compared to many past and present successful songsters, Regina's ready to create reality out of a dream. Sit back and prepare to indulge in a ride on the sweet journey of a legendary and angelic songstress.
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Period(Don’t Want You Back$

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