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Rec Riddles is a Producer/MC from New Jersey, currently living in St. Louis. Rec Riddles, whose persona is derived from the classic DC comics villain, The Riddler, lives up to his monicker. Rec Riddles leaves hidden messages in his music, that listeners must decypher to fully grasp. Puzzles of view points constantly changing and brain teasers of sonic intellect. Rooted in vintage yet leaping toward the future. His beats are laid with harsh drum hits, growling bass lines, melancholy chords all meshed together with dirty sample loops and little nuances of live instruments. But the fun doesn''''''''t stop there. Riddles accompanies these compositions with tongue twisting wordplay, tales of life both reality and fantasy, delivered with smooth tenor cadences. Rec Riddles is not a beatmaking rapper, he is a producing MC. So the question still remains, who is this guy and where did he come from? Riddle me that.

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