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"Too compare me to anyone would be an insult.I take pride In being different' "Reepah Rell" Hailing from Hempstead Long Island,New York,The self proclaimed King of "Trap Musik" is here.Backed by a brand new sound,he has come to make his mark in the hip hop industry.The oldest of 5 brothers and sisters,Reepah Rell has had music inside of him since a youth.He made his start singing and rapping at the age of 8.After numerous talent shows and plays growing up in school,Reepah developed a baritone voice that altered his singing drastically,so he decided to rap full time and has been making music since 2001.A product of "street life" he learned to channel his pain into music. At a certain point in his career Reepah decided to incorporate his singing with his lyrics to create a whole new sound.After trying out different styles,Reepah created a uniqe blend of Hip-Hop and R&B that was extremly catchy to the ears,but at that point it was difficult to find someone to support his change with his music. It was through a chance meeting in 2008 with former platinum Bad Boy and MTV's Making The Band 2's producer Tony Dofat that changed everything.After learning the ropes through Tony another chance meeting with D-Block DJ Killatouch gave Reepah a chance to learn the game from behind the scenes.By taking him under his wing,Reepah Rell has been on tours and numerous shows with D-Block artist Jadakiss,LL Cool J,Beanie Seigel and Joe Buddens.Reepah will be featured on DJ Killatouch's next mixtape series,We Are The Streets vol.3 with Vol.4 in the works.With a bright future ahead of him and his D-Block /HAB team behind him expect the Reepah to be a major force in Hip Hop! written by REEPAH RELL

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