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My name is Robby. I am widely known as RejeKt. The nickname is from jail, because I have the word reject tattooed on my left wrist and it was apparently easier for people to remember. So I decided to stick with the nickname because it fit me all too well. The symbol, that I use, was designed over a 6 hour period in Adobe illustrator CS3, with nothing more than the idea of a "Not Allowed" or "Banned" symbol in my mind. The symbol is also now the Official symbol of G.H.O.L.F. Entertainment party planning(coming soon). There are around 17 people with it actually tattooed on them. I am currently awaiting pricing for T-Shirts and other apparel to provide a symbol of hope for The Outcasts, The Pariah''''''''s, and THE REJECTS of The World. I am Almost 29 years old, Tattoo Artist, Sound Engineer, Carpenter. I''''''''ve had a lot of fucked up relationships, Grew up in a lot of bad situations, and I was always in trouble. Mental health care visits were frequent for me. Through my teens, I had to attend outpatient care 3 times a week at least. Ex-Skateboarder. I am an Agnostic. I know much more than I should. I was once awake for a combined almost 18 months out of 24, during the years of 2012 and 2013. I have multiple mental illnesses. I used to hate myself, but lately over the passed few years, I have grown to like myself. I go out of my way to help opthers and forget to take care of my own responsibilities, then get mad at myself for it. I can''''''''t help that I look and think the way I do. I love my family and friends more than anything. I am strongly against violence..... In Fact,, I am so fargone when it comes to violence, that it makes me violent. I tried producing my own instrumentals but I did not like the outcome, so I have borrowed instrumentals from others. All lyrics are my own writing. Much Love to all the Rejects and Pariahs! GHOLF Entertainment affiliate. I''''''''m from Baton Rouge, Hammond, Plaquemine, and Prairieville, all located in Louisiana, but Baton Rouge is Home... Haven''''''''t been getting tired for years now. .. I hope you enjoy my heart and soul in the form of audible sensations. I want to make a difference in the world, not just make money. -RejeKt My Blog Says a little about me and what I believe Overall, if you want to know about me, listen to my music.
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RejeKt Symbol, RejeKt Nation
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Original cover art, but came up with better

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