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Reginald William Groomes (born November 15, 1988) who also goes by stage name Rhegii Arteest is an African-American, Native American rapper and singer-songwriter. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and later moved to Mississippi at the age of twelve. At the age of five years old; like most kids. Rhegii wanted to be an artist just like Micheal Jackson. Rhegii went on to grow up singing in the gospel choir at his Uncle’s church in East Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With R&B being his first and only love at the time; he showed no interest in Rap music. Rhegii continued to stand clear of rap music until he first heard two artist Notorious B.I.G and Lil’Kim. From that moment on he had a new found love for Hip Hop all together. As years passed Rhegii went on to do talent shows in his later teen age years and express his love for music and R&B. It wasn’t until his 21st birthday that he realized that he had another gift, and that rap could very well have been his destiny. He played around with some lyrics and didn’t take it seriously until family and friend encouraged him to keep going.

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