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“From the southern lands he comes… With words most deadly Silver tongued devil Hearken to him not For he shall surely lead Ye to ruin The offering of a rose basket I bare The coffin was a closed casket affair …” My name is Rukas AKA The Grey Walker AKA The Mirror Writer AKA Apprentice To The Word AKA NUFF SAID! I'm a rapper/Lyricist with my own unique style, I Write words and make them do strange things... I get’em to jump up and strip for me… I collab with other skilful artists, I can be found performing at Camden Calling as a member, or running tings on TourDates with number one song after number one song... I stated a band page on Facebook and had over 10.000 fans within 2 weeks because they saw me writing and rapping some futuristic impossible shit that shouldn’t be within the realms of human ability, man my ‘Mirror Writing’ style is the most unique thing to ever happen to Hip Hop, it’s just plain fact, I aint even gotta brag, I’m just that good… I consider myself to be the best technical lyricist on Earth, that’s how confident I am…I'm Rukas and I'm just getting be one of the first agency's to have had dealings with me, coz when I send my first demo off everything changes, and I blow up. "In every starving land there's a fat King And every laughing man shares a sad grin" Heights to gain ya got purpose a calling come Life’s a game of God versus the fallen one Across a Chessboard and the revelation seen like Gods at rest bored the Devil takes the Queen Deformed but flawless beast Johnny’s having nightmares A Pawn the smallest piece on these black and white squares How can there be free will f-f-fella P’lease it don’t exist Like a scary sequel or a celibate Priest alone with kids!”
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