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I was born in Philadelphia with one brother and no sisters. I am a strong hard working person that love to learn new things. Music is a passion and so glad I now working in this field for the world to see my musical talent I had since age of 8. I am planning to go back to College for a degree in Business because I want to run my own corporation while trying to empower the world. I love Football it is a sport that I look forward to doing in my spare time. My strengths are planning, execution, and working with people. I''''''''ve always been very good at planning and detailing all the steps in a project. Even in high school, I would spend time organizing my week and planning a strategy to tackle each class or assignment. I work with people very well in a way I can use the strengths of each individual in a team to produce the best results. Because of my easy going personality, I''''''''ve been told by my teachers that it''''''''s easy to approach me. My weakness is I never want to leave anything out, and I want everything to be perfect. This is bad because it slows down my work sometimes and then I try to work faster to compensate, but that only makes me sloppy. So, now I put more emphasis on priority and planning. My motivation is becoming a better person and leading my friends and family in the right path. I have always wanted to be a business man and football star, so I am chasing my dreams along with education. For education will help me to become a better person as it can open doors in my life and play a major role for my future . I want to be a role model to young men and women in my age group and use my music and experiences in life to help others who can relate to it. Get ready for the NEW WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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