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Hi I am Sage and this is me. Music started for me when I was 5 , When I was at church I was surrounded by music and from that moment forward music would become me. I got my first drum set at 9 years old, I played with my left hand as you can image I wasn't the best but with time I improved. I was self taught I would drum random beats that were in my head and just followed the rhythm. When I was around 11 I got my first Keyboard ConcertMate 950 in the beginning I was terrified of the keyboard but I had got stickers for the keyboard to guide me I was still struggling so I started playing by ear . When I turned 12 I started playing the saxophone that my grandmother got for me at a pawnshop. From 13 to 24 I spent most of my time from juvenile detention,county jail,state prison,federal penitentiary. Once I got out of jail I told my family that I wanted to start fresh and become a music producer and of course they laughed right in my face saying "The music industry does not want people who have gone to jail". I didn't let their words discourage me they only made me work harder. "I remember making my first instrumental cd I took it home to my grandmother and gave it to her she told me to play it and after it was done she said "boy that was a lot of banging " and then she proceeded to tell me she loved it. In 2013 me and my family moved to Florida so I could go to college at Full Sail University. I was doing great but Florida wasn't cutting it for me and my family,so we decided to move to California. I transferred to a new college Recording connections which I went to online. In our first few months living in cali I got an email from a man named Cj at Famous Records he wanted me to come in and record a track. Me and my family were ecstatic about the new opportunity. Once I did a song for them they liked my music and wanted me to do a Ep but we ended up to an Lp that got me a worldwide distribution deal with them. After about 8 months of living the cali life me and my family moved out to Las Vegas. After 3 long months in Vegas I finally finished school and got my Degree in Audio Engineering. I started going to some studios in Vegas to record some of my music and practice and play around with my mixing skills. Around the third week of April I found out that my single Focused was released all the way in the U.K. I've recently shot and released a music video for my single Focused on YouTube.
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