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My name's Shelby. Salubrious is the stage name I decided to stick with after looking for a title relating to "good" or "good things." Maybe one day I'll get a place in Dubai, or...maybe Japan...but for now i reside in NC. I'm 22 and a soon to be an out of state college student. I love making great, passionate, songs that dont leave you feeling like something was left out....its hard to explain, but I want to make a career out of creating music that inspires artists and everyone in general to push further...also to be themselves. Everyone seems to want to be someone else nowadays, I wanna push originality. I incorporate piano, guitar, vocals, and various percussion instruments into my songs. It feels great when I know I've put in effort to create something beautiful. In the end, I feel that this may be my true purpose. Hope you guys like my stuff!

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