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BIO: 8 years strong in hip hop, Seis Fifth aka The One Handed Wonder, is well known for his intense energy and raw emotion in the studio and on the stage. “He has to be one of the most prolific music talents in the business” states Joe Miholic. The 26 year old has released 8 solo albums along with 3 compilations. A lot of his inspiration comes from growing up with only 6.5 fingers (full left hand and pinky and stub on the right.) Other than that he went through a lot growing up watching his single mother struggle to raise him and his 2 siblings and trying to figure himself out as a person and what really made him happy. There is no doubt his mark in local hip hop went through many highs and lows. His life was in a very emotional down spiral for about 4 years where alcohol really took control of his life. This was mainly due to watching his mother slowly die of a long battle with cancer. She passed away June, 08th of 2010 and he has made a complete 180 with his life. After dropping the alcohol to get his life on track and keep his family strong he has been pushing hard with a constant ambition to share his story to the entire world. He brings the whole package through his music...from the club to the street to the world as he sees it you don't know what to expect to come out of his mouth next! Lastly, Seis is more than an artist! He produces, does graphic design, video production, and engineers all of his work. There's no denying his potential and willingness to stop at nothing to be heard!
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